In the home decoration, LED downlights and LED spotlights are used the most. On the one hand, because of the need for downlights and spotlights in the home, the downlights and spotlights are not limited by the decoration style. Basically, each type The decoration style is suitable for downlights and spotlights, and all kinds of styles are used, which causes the downlights and spotlights to be used the most. Not only that, downlights and spotlights are also used in commercial establishments, and shopping malls, shops, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc. are all used. However, in the purchase, many people are not clear about the same and the difference between the two, so today HiTECH LED will share with you the difference between LED downlights and LED spotlights.

Why choose LED downlights and LED spotlights?

Because LED has many advantages, energy saving, environmental protection, no infrared ultraviolet light, pure light color, intelligent dimming color, etc., specifically, LED lamps are more than 90% energy-saving than incandescent lamps, and energy saving is more than 50% higher than that of conventional fluorescent lamps. And the life is very long, the theoretical life can reach 50,000 hours, basically no need to change the lamp for a lifetime. Downlights and spotlights are very similar in structure. They are composed of face ring, lamp body, radiator, light source, power supply, etc. The installation method is mostly embedded installation, which is embedded in the ceiling and only exposes the face ring. Destroying the integrity of the ceiling, the room is also very neat.

The difference between downlights and spotlights

The biggest difference between the downlight and the spotlight is the difference in the angle of illumination, which causes a difference in structure.

LED downlight: mainly used to provide uniform light, just like the sun, everything shines, but the downlight can’t be as big as the sun, so it is designed from the angle of illumination, the angle of illumination of the downlight is generally large, usually At about 120 degrees, an acrylic mask is commonly used, so that uniform light can be obtained, and the light is soft and not glare.

LED spotlights: mainly through small angles of glare to highlight key objects like TV background walls, murals, ornaments, goods, etc., or to increase the contrast of light and darkness, create an atmosphere, like the flagship store of big-name clothing, the contrast between light and dark is very strong.

In order to achieve this effect, the angle of illumination of the spotlight is generally small, usually 30-60 degrees, so that even if it has the same power as the downlight of the same type, the total amount of illumination is the same, but the illumination area is small and the brightness is high. . Structurally, spotlights often use a lens or a reflective bowl to achieve small angle concentrating, and the illumination angle can usually be adjusted so that the illuminating object can be adjusted as needed during installation.

Difference between installation site and use

In the home decoration, downlights and spotlights can often be replaced by each other, such as living room, aisle, dining room, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, study, gate, etc., because these places are not very demanding on the angle of light. It is provided with auxiliary lighting. But like in the background wall, TV wall, it is best to use spotlights, because it shines on the wall, you can make beautiful spots, there is a strong contrast between light and dark, the space will be very artistic.


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