The car is equipped with many active and passive safety technologies. We are quite familiar with it. However, it is quite difficult for a limited-size motorcycle to perform these functions. Therefore, a designer, Joe Doucet, designed a helmet that combines LED light and uses color. The transformations to remind the surrounding drivers of the current state of the knight and improve the visibility of the locomotive knight at night.

Although there are similar kits on the market that are extra hanging on the outside of the helmet, the disadvantage is that they are not big enough and look quite awkward, and the lower half of this self-illuminating helmet is an LED illuminator, which normally displays a white light. When the motorcycle is in an accelerated state, it will be converted into a red light, which has a fairly obvious recognition for visual judgment, and the shape of the cap is quite sleek and simple, and the battery can be charged by USB.

However, the current sample is only 3/4 style, and the protection of the chin is not enough. If it can be designed as a fully enclosed style, the protection of the owner will be more comprehensive.

Joe Doucet said that this helmet is only a concept stage, the intention is to let other manufacturers see that the helmet can have a lot of additional auxiliary functions, and also encourage the market to develop similar products to ensure the safety of the Cavaliers.


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